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  • Home Sweet Home :)
  • Look what I found :-)
  • For all you "Loadeneers" in Sweden: Automotorsport Tema #3 BMW Bibeln, är ute i butik nu. Vi är med :-) Richard Göransson beskriver ett av sina starkaste BMW minnen i sin karriär. Vem kunde tro allt som Loaded skulle med om då, sommaren 2003, när Loaded var en av 9 st tilldelade BMW M3 CSL som kom till Sverige. :-) Vilda ideer, krascher, tårar, glädje, äventyr, besökare från mer än 100 länder, diskussioner i 100 tals forum och mer än 10 miljoner nedladdningar :-) otroligt! Who would believe anything that Loaded come be a part of that summer of 2003? when Loaded was one of nine BMW M3 CSL who came to Sweden. :-) Wild ideas, crashes, tears, joy, adventure, visitors from more than 100 countries, 100's of discussions in forums and more than 10 million downloads :-) incredible!
  • GREAT NEWS! We're talking now with a high potential sponsor for an upcoming Time Attack at Nordschleife next year. Really promising :-) We know more after the Swedish holiday period (August 2014) All the nametags will be back on the "LOADED RETURN"
  • This is 37sek faster than LOADED ;-)...but its also 1.8 million USD more than a Std CSL ;-). And that's if Ferrari approve you as a buyer ;-) But the time on Nordschleife have our respect. It's always nice to have something to Hunt :-)
  • No flat Raceway here...THIS IS SPART......NoNoNo THIS IS NURBURGRING ;-)
  • Just had to share this :-) Enjoy
  • Maybe :)